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[Cpcommunicator] United Way - Thanks for all the hard work!

-- From Dave Goble and Brenda Lea


We would like to thank all of you who made this year's United Way
Campaign a success.  Through your efforts Central Piedmont achieved 108%
of the financial goal and increased the number of employees who
contributed by 25% from 24% participation to 32% participation.  If we
have missed naming anyone, we apologize.  Please let one of us know, and
we will make sure that you are duly recognized.  Thank you for the time
and energy you committed to this vital community effort.




Evon Ammons

Bob Anderson

Jennifer Arnold

Marilynn Bowler

Nicki Brooks

Amy Bruining

George Cochran

Beverly Dickson

Saronda Easter

Pam Engelbert

Vivian Farr

Fay Foster

Pam Gibson

Mark Helms

Cindy Johnston

Paul Koehnke

Fran Lilly

Augustine Martinez

David Matheny

Sam McCord

Claudia McKenzie

Gena Moore

Elaine Olenik

Susan Oleson

Margery Orell

Dwight Patterson

Erin Payton

Mona Rabon

Beverly Russell

Linda Thompson

Rod Townley

Vicky Tsai

James White

Mark Wigand

Jeff Wyco



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