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Wed Dec 3 10:10:00 EST 2003
-- From Dave Goble


Library Services and the Virtual Campus are hosting a copyright workshop
during Winter Warm-up.  Peggy Hoon, attorney and scholarly
communications librarian at N.C. State, will present on a variety of
copyright issues and answer questions or provide guidance on any
questions you might have concerning copyright.  In order to focus the
workshop, we would like to hear what questions or concerns you might
have regarding copyright as it relates to your teaching efforts.  


The following questions are provided to spur your thinking:


*         Do you know how to request permission to use copyrighted
material in your class?

*         Do you understand the principles of the First Sale Doctrine?

*         Could you identify the four factors used to determine Fair

*         Do you think that "Educational Use" alone is the most
important factor in determining fair use?

*         Do you know the difference between digital copyright and
traditional copyright law?

*         Is it permissible to link to an Internet site that violates

*         Do you know what the TEACH (Technology Education and Copyright
Harmonization) Act allows you to do?


If you will e-mail or call your questions or scenarios to Dave Goble
(david.goble at cpcc.edu / 6441) or Lane Grann-Stahl
(lane.grann-stahl at cpcc.edu / 6740) we will make sure that they are
incorporated into the workshop. The workshop will be January 7.  Exact
time will be provided in the very near future.  


Please get your questions to us by December 12.



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