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[Cpcommunicator] Spring semester set up for computer classrooms advisory

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Tue Dec 2 12:35:28 EST 2003
-- From Celese Ward, ITS


Dear Program Chairs and Instructors,
Spring 04 semester is quickly approaching, and it is time to submit your
set up/configuration requirements for the computer classrooms/open
labs/smart classrooms you will use.  
If you are offering a new course, making changes to an existing course
or intend to offer an existing course in a new location, communicate
those new software/hardware needs to ITS by Dec. 4. 
If you would like to review a list of the software that is automatically
included in each computer classroom, visit;
http://www.cpcc.edu/itservices/labs/software.asp , We would be glad to
meet with you to fully understand what you would like to do.
If your class will meet in the same computer classroom/open lab/library,
and you have no new software/hardware requirements, your class will be
set up as it is presently. 
We have spoken to and met with many of you already on your needs for
this coming semester. Please follow up by forwarding your information to
the CPCC-ITS.Helpdesk at cpcc.edu or by faxing to 5475. 
Record your information on the MS  Word form found at:
http://www.cpcc.edu/itservices/labs/planning.asp Include any software
(e.g. compilers, plug-ins, freeware, CDs from texts), or hardware (e.g.
swappable drives, routers, peripherals) or other need (e.g. file
storage) needed to run the class for the entire semester.
The deadline to request a computer classroom setup for Spring 04 is Dec.



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