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[Cpcommunicator] Mars Viewing at Levine Campus

-- From Barry Gilmore:


A friendly reminder that today, the planet Mars is the closest it's been
to Earth in about 60,000 years. Please join us at Levine Campus for a
once-in-a-history-of-mankind viewing tonight and tomorrow night, August
27th and 28th, 2003 AD/CE (weather permitting).


Dr. Robert Morris and Jim Stewart, CPCC Professors of Astronomy and
Physics, will have telescopes available for viewing Mars on the lawn in
front of Levine Campus (the little hill near the Levine Campus sign -
the closest point to Mars on Earth) from 9:00 - 11:00 pm.


Bring your family to share this once in 60,000 year opportunity. You may
not get another chance. Extra telescopes and binoculars are welcome.
Free refreshments provided by Student Life and Mars, Inc.  Kids in
pajamas are welcome too.


-- Barry Gilmore

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