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[Cpcommunicator] Comprehensive Medical Plan enrollment advisory

Office of Community Relations Communicator Communicator at cpcc.edu
Fri Aug 22 09:44:40 EDT 2003
-- From Jim Davis

All members of the N.C. Teachers' and State Employees' Comprehensive
Medical Plan will receive a mailing at their home address. Member
identification card and new monthly contribution rates for the Plan
effective October 1, 2003, will be included.

The first deduction with the new rates will be September 30, 2003,
payroll. If you elect to have your premiums paid on a before-tax basis,
your health benefit coverage can only be changed (dependents added or
dropped) during August enrollment period or when one of the following
events occurs:

> You change your legal marital status, which includes marriage, death
of spouse, divorce, legal separation, or annulment.
> Your dependents change due to birth, adoption, placement for adoption,
or death of the dependent.
> You, your spouse, or your dependents terminate or commence employment
> You, your spouse or your dependents reduce or increase their hours of
> Your dependents cease or commence to satisfy the requirements for
coverage due to attainment of age or student status.
> You, your spouse, or your dependents are entitled to coverage under
Part A or Part B of Medicare, or Medicaid.
> You, your spouse or your dependents commence of return form an unpaid
leave of absence such as Family Medical Leave or military leave.
> You receive a court order to provide coverage for your child(ren).
> There is a substantial change (at least $50 per month) in the premiums
and benefits in the plan covering dependents.

 New full-time employee contribution rate 

Employee only     0 
Employee/Child(ren)     178.22
Employee/Family   $427.48

--Jim Davis


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