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[Cpcommunicator] Datatel training update 11/11

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Tue Oct 29 11:48:45 EST 2002
-- From Christine Delgadillo


Datatel General Ledger Training

This  course gives the user the basic tools needed to navigate through the Colleague General Ledger System.  Topics covered include resources available on the web, i.e. Departmental Listing and Crosswalk Account Search; explanation of new account structure; basic reports for budget tracking, online account inquiry, and basic report interpretation.

Upon completion of this course and Colleague Basic Purchasing Training, the student will be given inquiry access to the Datatel Colleague Financial system.

Date:	Monday, November 11, 2002
Time:	9:00-11:00 am
Place:	Central Campus, TE 112
Trainer:	Nancy King

Datatel/Collegue Basic Purchasing Training

A brief overview will be given of Colleague system basic navigation, tool bars, screen mnemonics, account number structure and fund sources.   Purchasing  training will teach the on-line requisitioning process, requisition print process, checking statuses, creating reports and registers, and understanding purchasing transactions which appear in the General Ledger.

Training Objective:    Upon completion of both GL and Purchasing Basic Colleague training, student will be given sign-on access to Colleague system and will be able to use GL information in conjunction with entering and printing on-line requisitions, creating reports and registers, checking statuses, and understanding budget transactions made by Purchasing.

Date:	Monday, November 11, 2002
Time:	1:00-3:00 pm
Place:	Central Campus, TE 112
Trainer:	Marie Helms

You must print the training material prior to coming to class they can be found at http://teams.cpcc.edu/datatel/ They consist of five Word documents.TRAINING MATERIALS ARE NOT PROVIDED IN CLASS.

You must register for this course through LearnerWeb at http://pd.cpcc.edu 

If you are having difficulty with LearnerWeb, please contact Christine Delgadillo at ext-6857 or email.

--Christine Delgadillo

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