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[Cpcommunicator] SACS Visit 10/28-31

Office of Community Relations Communicator communicator at cpcc.edu
Thu Oct 24 10:48:46 EDT 2002
-- From Barbara Whitt

One last reminder (hopefully!) about the SACS visit:

Several of you have asked what you might need to know in preparation for the SACS visit.  Here are some suggestions.
Remember that the emphasis in all areas is Institutional Effectiveness.

1.  In addition to being familiar with the College's Vision and Mission Statement (in your own words), you also need to be familiar with your area's goals and how they're assessed.

2.  Be familiar with changes or improvements that have been made and be able to answer "So what?"  How did things change because of the assessments/evaluations?

3.  Be familiar with your most recent program/unit review (includes the goals).

4.  Know where your area's goals are located.  They do not need to be posted on the wall, but you do need to know how to access them.

Thanks for being aware of your role in institutional effectiveness.

--Barbara Whitt

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