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[Cpcommunicator] SACS Interview Schedule advisory

Office of Community Relations Communicator communicator at cpcc.edu
Wed Oct 23 13:55:07 EDT 2002
-- From Pat Nash

The Master SACS  Interview Schedule can be found on the following  SACS website:

Please access all tabs at the bottom of the Excel spreadsheets sorted by times.

We will update this schedule on Tuesday (10/29) and Wednesday (10/31)
after changes have been made.

Schedule Changes:
We expect changes late Monday afternoon.  The Interview Scheduling Committee will be calling with additions and other changes early on TUESDAY morning and throughout the day as needed.
The same applies to WEDNESDAY.

Please let your co-workers know where you can be reached and please be available on Tuesday and Wednesday for interviews. Our guests should depart the campuses at 3:00 on both days.

Campuses being visited:
This spreadsheet will let all campuses and departments know when you can expect visitors.

Some people asked if they can join an interview.  Sorry, the answer is NO.
The SACS Visiting Committee requested to meet with certain individuals either alone or with specific staff. 

Thank you all for your cooperation in arranging these interviews.

--Pat Nash

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