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[Cpcommunicator] Microsoft products for home computers

Office of Community Relations Communicator communicator at cpcc.edu
Tue Oct 22 15:42:09 EDT 2002
-- From ITS

As part of CPCC's Campus agreement subscription with Microsoft, certain software titles are available for installation on your home computer:
MS Office XP Professional, (which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), MS FrontPage, MS Publisher and MS Visual Studio Professional. 

You can check out a copy from Library Services.

To make sure your home computer has the necessary system requirements, visit:

If you already have a college-licensed copy of Windows 98, MS FrontPage, or MS Visual Studio Professional you may continue to use it during this licensing term.

The CD's are no longer for sale at the bookstore. Faculty or staff interested in this software may checkout the CD's from any of CPCC's campus Libraries. Full-time employees will need to present a CPCC ID. Part-time employees will need to present a current contract or have a written note from the diivision director of their program area.   

Employees may check out the CDs for a 1-week period. 

This software is for CPCC employee use only and cannot be redistributed to individuals outside the college. Licensed use of the software continues until 12/31/03 or until termination of the employee's contract with the college.

ITS cannot provide support for any technical difficulties incurred while installing this software on home computers. 

For questions regarding this or other services, please contact our Help Desk at 5000.

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