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[Cpcommunicator] ITS offers web-based work group software

Office of Community Relations Communicator communicator at cpcc.edu
Wed Oct 16 07:44:19 EDT 2002
-- From Chris Emery, ITS

IT Services is providing a new tool for departments who need to share information and documents between team members. 

Microsoft's Team Services is a web-based application that uses the Internet to make information easily available to your team members, wherever they may be.

Team Services allows users to share documents, as departmental shares now do, using a web browser interface; allowing users to add, edit and delete documents. Since the technology is Internet based, users may access these documents while outside the college network.

In addition to documents, Team Services also makes it easy to post contacts, events, announcements, useful Internet links, or custom lists you create. There are even tools for posting discussion areas and surveys, to help get feedback from team members.

Since administration of the site is retained by your team leader, users may be added as needed, without contacting ITS. Team Services sites are compatible with FrontPage, and may be customized with graphics, colors, and layout tailored for your team.

With superior features and accessibility, web sharing information technologies will eventually displace the need for departmental network drives. To access a Team Services site, users must have a valid CPCC network ID. 

To request a Sharepoint Team site, team leaders should submit the user agreement to ITS: http://www.cpcc.edu/itservices/forms/sharepoint2.pdf 

If you have questions about Sharepoint, or other services provided by ITS, please contact our Help Desk at ext. 5000.

--Chris Emery

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