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[Cpcommunicator] Annual Technology Planning advisory

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Wed Oct 9 08:07:01 EDT 2002
-- From Celese Ward

Annual Technology Planning Process for FY02-03

This year's planning efforts will focus on identifying 'new' or 'changed' technology needs only. 

Faculty/staff desktop machines, laser printers, computer classrooms, ceiling mounted projectors and smart classrooms are all on a prescribed rotation cycle. Administrative workstations will be replaced every four years and upgraded as college standards change. 

Student computing facilities are on a three-year replacement cycle with high end technology classrooms being replaced every two years.

The planning process will take place between October 7-October 25. The sequence of events in the planning process are as follows:

1. Program chairs/coordinators will document the technology needs of their program areas using the planning form. Request forms are available at http://www.cpcc.edu/itservices/projects/techplan0203/default.asp

2. Directors and associate deans will meet with their respective teams to understand and validate technology requirements submitted to them. Consider your total cost of ownership for any particular equipment/software acquisition, e.g. maintenance agreements, service agreements, software assurance agreements.  Technical consultants are available to meet with you to research and refine your requests. Please call 6598 to schedule an appointment.

3. Associate deans send the forms (electronic copies only) to Julie-Ann Anderson for collation by October 25.

4. Collated requests will then be provided to the deans for their review and prioritization. (Tentative date November 5.)

5. CPCC Technology Team will convene to prioritize college-wide requests.

6. The final Annual Technology Plan will be presented to College Cabinet in early to mid-November.

Requests for ceiling mounted projectors and laptops will be met by additional smart classrooms on all campuses in the quantity determined by CPCC's Technology Team. Additionally, most requests for laptops and portable projectors will be addressed by increasing the number of laptops and projectors available for checkout through the library. 

Departmental requests for peripherals like DVD's, scanners, flat screens and CD burners under $500 will not be addressed through this plan as the Technology Plan mainly deals with equipment above this threshold. Such peripherals can be purchased through departmental office supply funds.  Supported peripherals are listed at the following link: http://www.cpcc.edu/itservices/equipment/

Technology requests that were approved in FY 02-03 but could not be fulfilled last year are being combined with all new requests and will be reprioritized by the appropriate body.

--Celese Ward

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