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[Cpcommunicator] Re: Central High reunion thank you

You know everyone did a great job and the alumni gave us many praises!  Some thought the food setup and food was tastful and easily accessed, "we'll come again" a few said to me as they were leaving.

>>> Office of Community Relations Communicator 10/07/02 09:36AM >>>
-- From Reade Baker

The Central High School (CHS) multi-class reunion on Saturday was a huge success! About 1,400 alumni attended and all 1,400 had a great time. The CPCC Foundation expresses sincere appreciation to all who worked so hard on this event. 

Fay Foster did her usual magic. 

Pam Englebert did an outstanding job getting sound throughout the many tents used for the event. 

All of the Facility Services staff were real champions-- from beautiful grounds, to great security and traffic control, to banners that fell on cue--everything was perfect. 

Many CPCC volunteers helped to make this success possible. We have heard nothing but praise for the College from CHS alumni.  

Thank you ALL for your hard work.

--Reade Baker

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