Central Piedmont Community College


[Cpcommunicator] Class Attendance Reports advisory

Office of Community Relations Communicator communicator at cpcc.edu
Thu Jun 20 07:29:10 EDT 2002
-- From Don Woodside, Financial Aid

To Faculty:

We have learned that only half of the financial aid and veterans affairs class attendance reports for students in summer were printed and distributed to you late last week.  

We have now reprinted the reports that include all financial aid students. They will be sorted and put into departmental mail boxes by noon, Thursday, June 20.  Please return them as soon as possible. 

We now have to hold Pell Grant payments scheduled to go out until we receive them.  If at all possible, please return them so that we receive them by Tuesday, June 25.  

If you already received and returned the attendance reports from our distribution last week, you do not have to submit them again. Thank you for your timely response and for those of you who contacted us about not receiving the reports earlier for all your students.

--Don Woodside