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[Cpcommunicator] Advisory from State Employees Health Plan

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Thu Jun 6 16:05:45 EDT 2002
-- From Jim Davis

The following is a news release from the State Employees' Health Plan. Following the news release is a link to a Q&A file for CVS pharmacy customers. Both were prepared by the health plan administrators:

Start of news release

State Health Plan's Contract with AdvancePCS

The State Health Plan signed a contract with AdvancePCS as its pharmacy benefit manager in December 2000.  The terms of the contract called for the Plan to pay a specified amount for prescription drugs, and for AdvancePCS to maintain a minimum enrollment of pharmacies within their network.

The results of a recent routine audit indicated that AdvancePCS had been billing the State Health Plan an amount different from the contracted amount.  AdvancePCS is now attempting to rectify this situation, which, they indicate, includes renegotiating their contracts with individual pharmacies and chain drug stores.

The State Health Plan is not ordering or requiring that AdvancePCS renegotiate with their pharmacies.  We are, however, asking that AdvancePCS comply with the clearly stated terms of our contract.

At this time, it is only the independent pharmacies that are declining to participate with AdvancePCS.  Members may obtain their prescription drugs from participating chain pharmacies or use their independent pharmacist and file the claim directly with AdvancePCS.

We regret any inconvenience to our State Health Plan members and want to assure them that we are working diligently to resolve our contractual issues with AdvancePCS as quickly as possible.

####End of news release####

What to do if CVS is your pharmacy
A Q & A file with information about CVS vs. N.C. is available at