Central Piedmont Community College


[Cpcommunicator] Procurement news advisory

Office of Community Relations Communicator communicator at cpcc.edu
Mon Jul 22 09:47:01 EDT 2002
-- From Marie Helms


*Colleague is available for entry of requisitions for regular supplies and services, blanket orders for supplies, blanket orders for postage, printing and copier charges, and travel.  
Blanket purchase orders for goods and services cannot be issued for more than $2,500 without obtaining quotes or bids.  Funds cannot be added to blanket orders; a new requisition and blanket order will be required.

*All P-Cards have been reinstated.  Please refer to the Accounts Payable email advisory of July 3 and the online P-Card manual for new deadlines.

*As previously notified on email, the budget check feature has been temporarily disabled. If you should have any problems, please contact your buyer for assistance.  You will be notified when fiscal year budgets are loaded and budget check is once again enabled.

*Buyer reassignments were published in a July 9 email advisory.  One change has been made to that notice:  Corporate and Continuing Education will remain assigned to Angela Valko.  Please be sure to indicate your buyer's name on your requisition to ensure processing.

*Additional Colleague basic and refresher training sessions will be announced soon.


Updates to the manual at http://inside.cpcc.edu/procurement/Pcardmanual/default.htm  have been completed.
Included are the new Accounts Payable deadlines for submission of the FS-25 form and receipts, recent sales tax increase to 7%,  and procedures for electronic statements.

Bridgette Billings is also P-Card Co-Administrator.  Please contact Bridgette or Marie Helms, Program Administrator, if you need information or assistance.

--Marie Helms