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[Ccpro] Updates on the Principles of Accreditation Review - 2016/2017


The handouts in the app are within the actual events (if there is no paper clip in the details, there are no handouts). It is probably much easier to just download them from the link Brandi provided.


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All you need to do to get the app is go on the app store & search for SACSCOC.  I had issues locating the handouts on the app, however, they are listed on the website – see link below.


Hope this helps.


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Thank you Brandi!

Call me technology challenged, but didn't Dr. Wheelan say that handout materials for all the sessions was within the SACSCOC APP? (Which is why no thumb drive or disk was provided this year.)  If that's right, could someone tell me where to find them in the APP?



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Hi all!

It was great to see some of you earlier this week!  I sent this video to our administration & our 5th year report team just to give them the heads up regarding what to expect when the Principles are revised.  Please feel free to use this as you wish.  Take care!


During the last general session of the annual meeting, Dr. Sandra Johnson, who is chairing the committee charged with updating the Principles of Accreditation in 2016-2017 gave a pretty comprehensive look at what we need to expect over the next year.  I made sure to video this part of her talk & have included a link for it here.  https://youtu.be/NsGGoryeWnU  A few quick notes:

  *   Their committee surveyed all 800 SACSCOC institutions – 450 responded.  The main issues institutions cited that needing addressing were in regards to the following:

     *   financial indicators
     *   completion standards (they’re not codified yet, but they’re certainly coming – as a reminder, we’re going to use the Carolina Works project quite heavily to demonstrate compliance with these)
     *   student achievement
     *   QEP’s
     *   faculty qualifications
     *   expedited reviews
     *   needing a more robust resource manual

  *   This committee is proposing the following modifications to the Principles of Accreditation:

     *   Restructuring the principles by topic.  Case in point, student affairs principles 2.10 & will likely be streamlined.  This is good news for us.  They want to “eliminate redundancies & improve clarity”.
     *   The expectations for QEP’s will be revised.  Not precisely sure what this means for us, however I don’t think it will impact our QEP Impact Report.  It will, however, impact us when we write our next QEP which we still have several years for.
     *   An expedited or differentiated review process – this is rather significant.  What this could mean is that we could go through a streamlined review process if we haven’t had any substantive changes since our last visit.
     *   They will be revising the following standards:

        * (Institutional Effectiveness – Educational Programs)
        *   2.5 (Institutional Effectiveness)
        *   2.8 (Faculty)
        *   3.7.1 (Faculty Competence)
        *   3.5.4 (Terminal Degrees of Faculty)
        *   3.13 (Compliance with Commission Policies)
        *   3.5.1 (General Education Competencies)
        *   4.1 (Student Achievement)
        *   3.4.7 (Consortial relationships / Contractual agreements)
        *   2.9 (Learning Resources & Services)
        *   3.8.1 (Learning / Information Resources)
        *   2.10 (Student Support Services)
        *   3.2.3 (Board Conflict of Interest)
        *   3.12 (Substantive Change)

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