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[Ccpro] NCCCS Requirements Regarding Program Review

Good afternoon,

Given the following NC State Board of Community Colleges Code, does your institution do some kind of comprehensive program review in addition to outcomes assessment for all of your Con Ed / Occupational Extension, and Basic Skills programs similar to your program review for the Curriculum programs? The last sentence makes it questionable, since SACSCOC has no specific requirements for Basic Skills, Con Ed, or Occupational Extension programs.

I know Basic Skills has some kind of periodic NCCCS review but I am not closely involved with it. I do know that our college has done very well on those reviews for a number of cycles.

We have had a tough time getting Program Review for non-curriculum areas off the ground at our college and I'm curious how other colleges are demonstrating compliance with this State Board requirement.


(a)  Each college shall monitor the quality and viability of all its programs and services. Each curriculum program, each program area within continuing education, including Basic Skills, occupational extension, and community service, and each service area shall be reviewed at least every five years to determine program strengths and weaknesses and to identify areas for program improvement. The program review process shall be consistent with the requirements of the regional accrediting agency.
I appreciate any feedback you all may have to offer and will be happy to share feedback with anyone who asks.


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