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[Ccpro] Performance Partnership Call-In: Boosting CTE Non-Traditional Gender Enrollment!

Greetings, Friends across the State!

How will your college *Move the Dial *on *Perkins Core Indicators* this
year?  Your NC Community Colleges Performance Partnership Team is excited
to host a *Conference Call-In Session* on the topic *this week*.  The
session is open to any and all college personnel who could benefit (*please
forward* this message to your faculty and staff):

*Topic:  Boosting CTE Non-Traditional Gender Enrollment*

*Date:  Wednesday April 13, 2016*

*Time:  3pm - 4:30pm*

*Call-In Number:  919-662-4658*

*Blackboard Collaborate Link (PowerPoint with Session Audio): *


*If you have trouble connecting, please follow the attached detailed

Your hosts for this session will be Dr. Bob Witchger and Dr. Linda

Presenters and Discussion Topics:

   - Pamela Silvers (A-B Tech): *AB-Tech's Non-Traditional Enrollment Grant
   and Strategies to Improve Performance*

   - Pam Gibson (Fayetteville Tech): *Success Strategies for Improving
   Performance on Perkins 5P1 and 5P2*

   - Diane Albahrawy (Wake Tech): *Strategies for Improvement on Perkins
   Core Indicators*

   - Julia Hamilton (NCCCS): *The Perkins Data, In-Depth*

   - Chris Droessler (NCCCS): *Insights from Colleges across the State*

   - Tony Reggi (NCCCS): *Perkins Core Indicators and Steps Colleges Have
   Taken to Improve Performance*

With our shared goal of enhancing student success, we are looking forward
to an inspirational and productive discussion!

Now in its third year, the *Performance Partnership* is a college-driven,
collaborative, statewide initiative aimed at helping colleges improve their
performance outcomes as demonstrated by the Performance Measures and other
accountability indicators.  We are *passionate* about *boosting student

This is the first of seven Call-In Sessions planned for this year.  Please
mark your calendars for the full slate.  More details will be provided
prior to each:

Call-In Session Date/Time TOPIC
1 *4/13/2016 3-4:30pm* CTE Non-Traditional Gender Enrollment
CTE Non-Traditional Gender Enrollment

*5/11/2016 3-4:30pm*
Academic/Course Performance & Credit Attainment
First Year Academic Performance & Credit Attainment
Credit English Completion
Credit Math Completion

*6/8/2016  3-4:30pm*
Basic Skills Transitions (to Employment or College)
Basic Skills Post-secondary Transition
Post Basic Skills Employment

*8/10/2016 3-4:30pm*
Basic Skills Progression & Completion
Basic Skills Educational Level Gains
High School Equivalency Attainment

*9/14/2016 3-4:30pm*
Student Retention & Credential Attainment
Curriculum Student Retention
Curriculum Program Completion

*10/12/2016 3-4:30pm*
Transfer Success
Transfer Outcomes
Transfer Connections

*11/9/2016 3-4:30pm*
Workforce Alignment
Licensure Attainment
Post Curriculum Employment

Please *gather your colleagues* and *join us Wednesday afternoon*.  And as
always, *thank you* for ALL you do to help our students succeed and thrive!

For the Committee,

Dr. Linda Scuiletti,
Chair, North Carolina Community Colleges Performance Partnership

Performance Partnership Advisory Team:

•Wesley Beddard, AVP for Student Learning and Success, NCCCS
•Thom Brooks, Exec. VP, Instruction, Stdt. Svcs, &  Workforce Innovations,
Southwestern CC
•Evonne Carter, Vice President for Learning, College of the Albemarle
•Doris Carver, (Co-Chair), VP of Continuing Education, Piedmont CC
•Deryl Davis-Fulmer, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Halifax CC
•Nancy Gaj, CCR Director of Program & Professional Development, NCCCS
•Deborah Grimes, Senior VP of Instruction and Student Services, Lenoir CC
•Kristie Sullivan, Dean of Planning and Research, Sandhills CC
•Patricia Phillips, Associate Dean, Foundational Studies, Davidson County CC
•Bill Schneider, AVP for Research and Performance Management, NCCCS
•Linda Scuiletti (Chair), AVP of Student Learning & Strategic Planning,
Central Carolina CC
•Kimberly Sepich, AVP for Student Services, NCCCS
•Kenny Weatherington, Quality Assurance Specialist-Public Safety Training,
•Bob Witchger, Director of Career & Technical Education, NCCCS

*Dr. Linda Scuiletti*
Associate Vice President, Assessment, Planning & Research
SACSCOC Accreditation Liaison

919.718.7417 |
*office *919.718.7407* | fax*
919.602.7884 | *cell*
*Central Carolina Community College*
1105 Kelly Drive
Sanford, NC 27330
lscuiletti at cccc.edu
*Learning First*: http://www.cccc.edu/about/strategicplan/
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