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Jay Sullivan JayMS at beaufortccc.edu
Wed Mar 12 15:14:52 EDT 2014
We implemented a "home-brewed" method utilizing the College SurveyMonkey for the first time this past fall. Our office maintains the credentials for access to the SurveyMonkey account so we can ensure the confidentiality and chain of custody of the data.
It was a labor intensive approach with it being our first time with electronic evaluations. However, it was substantially easier to mange the follow-up processes (reporting, distribution, etc.) compared to the paper forms that we used previously. I suspect that our next round of evaluations will be even easier to manage now that we know what we are doing.


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>>> Pamela Federline <federlinep at brunswickcc.edu> 3/11/2014 3:16 PM >>>

Brunswick Community College Faculty Senate is examining different options to improve both the quality of and response rates of students for course evaluation.  Our Faculty Senate President, Dr. Kimberly Jones, has requested that I ask my peers what product(s) you may be using that assists with both administration and management of reporting.  
We use Campus Labs products, but we are open to reviewing other recommended software.  We would be interested in knowing ease of use, as well as faculty, student and other end user satisfaction with the product. 
I appreciate your assistance and look forward to hearing from you. 

Pamela Federline, MPH
Coordinator, Institutional Effectiveness & Grants
Brunswick Community College
P.O. Box 30 
Supply, N.C. 28462
(910) 755-7397
federlinep at brunswickcc.edu

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