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[Ccpro] IPEDS - GRS Question

Kevin Osborne osbornek at rockinghamcc.edu
Wed Apr 3 15:11:46 EDT 2013
Hello all,
I am calculating the graduation rates for the IPEDS report.   Historically, RCC has indicated that a student should receive a certificate in 6 months, a diploma in 12 months, and an associate degree in 24 months.    While these "completion times" are accurate by definition (i.e., a diploma is a one year degree based on the number of completed hours),  it may take longer for a student to graduate due to prerequisites and/or when courses are offered.
For example, a student needs to attend a fall and spring semester to obtain an accounting certificate at RCC due to prerequisites. This means that the time to completion is approximately 9 months, rather than 6 months.   In another case, it takes two years to complete a diploma program at RCC due to course scheduling and prerequisites.   If 12 months is used as the 100% time to completion, no students will be calculated in the 150% graduation rate because they still have 6 more months of course work.  
Based on this, I have two questions.
1.  Does your institution use different "completion times" for your programs of study?  
2.  Does the NCCCS have any definitions that need to be followed when calculating completion rates for IPEDS?
If possible, I would like to use the time to completion as seen in our college catalog.  
Thanks for any feedback.

Take care,
Kevin Osborne
Director, Institutional Research and Planning
Rockingham Community College
336-342-4261  Ext.2208
osbornek at rockinghamcc.edu

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